n0t_m3 (n0t_m3) wrote in forlorn_words,

Under the stars...

Under the stars...

let me sit if only for a moment
under the clear night sky
find me a breaze to carry me along
and lead my mind far far away

dont let me slip from your grasp
under the star lit cool of this eve
find my warmth and breath it in fully
and lead me into that euphoric spinning embrace

let the grass grow up around me
and my hands find their roots
find me a meadow to lay in
and let your body surround me

dont let my eyes turn from you
while you cover me with your breath
bring me back once again to your gaze
and let me take in this moment completely

let the trees lean over my vision
and let the star light trickel through
find me a branches melody to sway to
and let your hair flow over me

take this moment and trace it slowly
find it's root in the very pit of my warmth
consider me only for in this moment
there I am, and I am not lonely....
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