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Fucking Die Coward Ass Bitches

This is a portion of my real post . . . it is all that applies for this community.

Anyways . . .

Why the fuck can’t a girl just say no. When I work up the courage to ask a girl out I would expect a little spine in the rejection. At least then I can walk away with a smile on my face knowing that I don’t have a chance and I never did. It makes it much easier to swallow. No she has to fuck things all up. Seriously, I explained things to Tim last night. It is like a spectrum. On one side is YES and on the other side is NO. The further you get from YES or No the closer you get to the center . . . no idea what I’m talking about??? Okay, a diagram:

Yes ----Yes, but not right now-----------Maybe---------No, but let’s be friends-------No

YES and NO are good and Maybe sucks and everything else is relatively crappy comparatively. Get it now?

Anyways . . . last night I got the worst response I have ever had. Obviously it wasn’t yes cause I wouldn’t be bitching, and it wasn’t no cause that would just be familiar. Hell, it wasn’t even maybe, which I could deal with. It was, “Maybe, but not right now casue I need to get to know you better. Oh but can we still be friends and keep hanging out all the time like we have been?”

OMGWTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many cliques can you use in one line???

To make matters worse, that wasn’t all. Then we had a talk. I sent her on a guilt trip from hell for that one. I mean seriously, you just shot me down in dynamic fashion . . . the last thing I want to do is talk!!! She said that she has tried both ways and getting to know someone first works better for her. I told her I was sorry cause things just work the opposite. She looked confused that this could be the case. Babette anyone??? Fuck being friends first and then asking someone out. Once your in the “Friend Zone” you can never escape. Hell it took me over a year to finally stop talking to Babals and to realize the true bitch she is.

Even if it had ended there I would have been fine, but there is even more. As previously mentioned, I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE FUCKING “LET’S STILL BE FRIENDS” LINE!!!!!! She didn’t just use it in her pseudo-rejection, but then she made it a point to continue to bring up over and over how she wanted to still be my friend. For that I can only brood and laugh at what I will probably do. I am a nice guy who usually just walks away from rejection and moves on with my life . . . but the asshole is kicking in and I already have some really bad ideas . . .

And the last thing (I Promise) . . . Why does my college have to be like a fucking high school. Seriously, everyone is going to know about this by the time I get to class this afternoon. Not to mention the fact I will have to see her in class this afternoon. Hell, I bet she didn’t even wait two seconds after I left to tell her roommate . . . I hated high school . . . that is why I don’t hangout on campus. Fuck that place!!! It is good for class to get me into Law School and that’s about it.

“I'm good to go
For something golden
Though the motions I've been going through have failed
And I'm coasting on potential towards a wall
At a 100 miles an hour”

~Fall Out Boy~

And I'm done,

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