n0t_m3 (n0t_m3) wrote in forlorn_words,

The Void

The void

there is a simple sort of pleasure in nothing
having nothing, being nothing, saying nothing
hearing nothing, taking nothing, giving nothing
the simplicity of silence and stillness

living in a void hovering slightly over the earth
there is nothing to touch you; nothing to feel
Not a sound or song, no Love or pain at all
slipping through your finger tips, nothing is what you feel

The world is empty but somehow not yet cold
the heat of nothing and the cooless of nowhere
resounding in the empty depths of silence
and feeling out the comforting winds of loneliness

Here people do not exist and conversations are not had
Thoughts are not created nor conveyed
Feelings cease in their writhing intensity
and nothing calms, soothes, and brings solace

Here there are no tragedies, and no heartache
Here tears do not fall, and the fires of lust fade
Here there are no songs, but the sweet hum
Carressing, covering, flowing, and bringing stillness

The hum fills, lifts, and lulls the soul into silence
It is the song of silence and the weight of nothing
The absense of all movement, thought, and feeling
That brings about stillness, peace, and calm

I will rest here a weary soldier in this void
Letting nothing comfort my broken heart
Silence will be the song eminating from my spirit
and I shall dance in the stillness that covers all wounds

Feeling empty isn't always a bad thing.
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