n0t_m3 (n0t_m3) wrote in forlorn_words,

Foot steps of the Wisp

Foot steps of the Wisp

foot steps down the pavement
the wind slides smoothly over my skin
there she goes tears streaming
she's gone again

She takes those questions with her
What are you going to give
What do you want from this
Those words fade ... melting into the wind

I hope you find what you're looking for
I hope your feet find you firm
I hope the dew finds your morning
and your mind and heart are set

My voice trickles over the waves of emotion
Carry my words to her dear wind
Let her find her heart and deliver it
To another who has the Heart to Love... completely

Let him be strong
Let him be passionate
Let him be committed
And let him be nothing like me

So she takes her dance with her
Fetching the rain slicked skin
Sliding smoothly under the stars
They follow her into time and memory

She takes her voice... sullen
And moves with rythm through the night
Tears flowing - voice breaking she's running
slipping further into that void that all past Lovers fill

foot steps down the pavement
My eye sight is failing me
Like so many others before her
she's gone - and will not return

-J Livingston
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