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This community is for quotes, lyrics, and poems containing material about breaking up, getting dumped, the bad side of love, love lost, etc.


+ Please don't join if you don't plan on posting.

+ Please don't quote yourself(this includes posting anything else you may have written). There are other communities out there for that.

+ NO quiz results, surveys or promoting. Nobody cares.

+ NO asking for journal codes, and NO asking people to make layouts/icons for you. There are communities made soley for those purposes, so go find some.

+ Like the last two rules imply, stay on topic. We cannot stress this enough.

+ Don't be stupid.

As long as you follow those, neither of us will ban you. If you have any questions, comments, or something to say you may contact one of us, the maintainers: berura_atara or fadedjewel

Enjoy. =)